Intro To The Course


Welcome To COMMUNICATE! The Crash Course on Public Speaking.

Been able to connect with others by expressing your ideas in a way that motivates and inspires, is crucial for getting ahead both in business and in life.

It's really awesome to see you here, taking an active roll on your personal growth.

I have designed this crash course based on my personal experience as I struggle to develop my public speaking skills, together with all the feedback I've received from the many trainings I've done on the subject.


Divided into 3 key lessons, for the next 3 days you will receive an email notifying you when the next lesson has become available.

Each lesson will provide you with a combination of videos, downloadable guides, assignments and even quizes. All designed to bring you the most engaging and effective learning possible.

  • Day 1 (Today) is all about setting a strong foundation for you to build on. Lesson #1 will help you work on the way you see the stage. By focusing on your mindset, I will give you 3 essential techniques that will help you overcome the most common obstacles holding you back, unlocking your potential for growth.
  • Day 2 is all about becoming the bridge. In lesson #2, you will learn how to make sure you take your audience on a journey. Learn how to craft your message in a way that is relevant and achieves its goal.
  • Day 3 is all about developing a stage rocking performance. Every presentation in the end is all about the way you deliver the information, that is why it's essential for you to work on your body language, plus the key tips and tricks based on years of experience, that will allow you to rock your presentation!
  • Day 4 is all about bringing it all together. As the last day, I go over the information covered in the course, plus some very cool extras designed to give you the space to continue growing beyond the course.


BE PRESENT! As you get ready to move forward, I want to encourage you to take notes, set yourself in a comfortable space and let yourself get into the lectures.

Also, take part in the comment section, engage with other students and share your thoughts in the comment sections throughout the course.

I have specially broken down the content to make sure you are not overwhelmed with the material, allowing you to take exactly what you need everyday, let the material sink in and continue the next day.

And more importantly, if you have any questions, feedback, want to support Skills of Life, please feel free to just send me a message ;)

All the best and happy learning!